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Cobalt Box 0.17

The platform allows developers to develop small applications (widgets) and import them into the Cobalt Box platform. Users can then decide whether they want...

Silverlight version of Bing Maps to have Telescope

A telescope can observe the stars from a specific place in the Silverlight version of the mapping service online from Microsoft. Bing Maps can...

Bitstream Technology Licensed by Cox Communications for Interactive Programming Guide

BITSannounced today that Cox Communications, the nation’s third largest cable operator, has licensed Bitstream’s FontFusion technology, Bitstream typefaces and the Tiresias screenfont  for use...

Symantec Introduces “GoEverywhere Beta” To Access Web Applications Anytime, Anywhere

Symantec Corp. announced the availability of the Symantec GoEverywhere beta, a secure online workspace that allows users to access their Web applications anytime, anywhere,...
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