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WeChat exceeds 100 million downloads on Google Play

Messaging applications for some years have become the most successful application on the various markets. A race to the popularity is being engaged between...

Wechat For Nokia Asha Mobile Phone

WeChat is the complete mobile communication and private social networking app. 1. Free cross-platform individual and group messaging with text, voice notes, and images....

WeChat now positioned as a top rival to WhatsApp

The field of mobile messaging platform is booming and WeChat service could be a placed alongside Skype, WhatsApp or Viber now. The Chinese company Tencent...

10 Most Frequently Used Smartphone Apps in the World

Google Play Store, App Store and the Windows Store display tens of thousands of applications that are downloaded tens of billions of times, and...

WeChat App Review

Introduction:In last couple of years, Short Messaging System has been completely taken over by networking apps like WhatsApp because of its nice features including...
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