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How to pin contacts on Sony Xperia Home Screen

Keepng important contacts on the home screen is handy. It help you to dail a call insatntly. It is a time consuming process to...

How to get Facebook, Twitter, RSS and Youtube Update on your Sony Xperia Z1

Sony Xperia Z1 comse with smart apps to manage all your social networking, feeds and updates at one place. It is annoying to check...

Sony Xperia Z1 Smartphone Review

Sony Xperia Z1 is un-doubtly, the best Android Smartphone compare to recent high end models released by HTC and Samsung.  It gives vibrant screen...

Sony revealed Xperia Z1 with 20.7MP Camera and 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU

Sony's Xperia Z series have been surely successful so far whether it is Xperia Z, Z Ultra or Xperia Z Tablet. Today they launched...
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