YouTube Direct Overview Screencast Video

YouTube's video platform has enabled a new generation of content
creators to connect with billions of viewers every day. There's a great
opportunity for organizations to leverage this online activity for
video campaigns, coverage, or programming initiatives - but many find
it difficult to connect directly with YouTube's community in a simple,
effective way. We've just made that a lot easier with YouTube Direct .

YouTube Direct allows you to embed the upload functionality of
YouTube directly into your own site, enabling your organization to
request, review, and re-broadcast user-submitted videos with ease. News
organizations can ask for citizen reporting; nonprofits can call-out
for support videos around social campaigns; businesses can ask users to
submit promotional videos about your brand. With YouTube Direct, the
opportunities to connect directly with the YouTube community are

Key features of YouTube Direct include:

  • Built on the YouTube API, this 100% open-source solution provides
    you with an easily-integrated audience engagement platform for your
  • The customizable interface allows you to tailor the look and feel of the tool precisely to your audience
  • Visitors can answer your call for content by uploading their videos to YouTube via your site without leaving the page
  • A moderation panel enables your editors to review and
    approve/reject all submitted videos, deciding which ones meet your
    organization's editorial criteria
  • All videos approved by your editors include a link back to your site when viewed on YouTube
Dec 19 2009



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