Army of Two 40th Day PSP Trailer

Army of Two: The 40th Day is a third-person shooter based in
groundbreaking cooperative gameplay functionality. Sequel to the 2008
game of the same name, and featuring series heroes, Rios and Salem, in
this new iteration players have a bigger playbook of features and a new
arsenal of co-op moves that either player can perform at any time,
opening up fresh strategies in the face of overwhelming odds. In
addition, the game features advanced weapon customization and upgrade
systems, as well as four explosive online multiplayer modes, each
focused on unique cooperative play.

Set a few years after the events of the original Army of Two game, Army
of Two: The 40th Day features the continuing adventures of millitary
contractors Tyson Rios and Elliot Salem. With the help of Alice Murray,
their mission coordinator, they now run their own paramilitary
business, known as TransWorld Operations (TWO). Working what seems to
be a routine mission in Shanghai they find themselves surrounded by a
force of competing private military contractors intent on running amok
in the city. Will Rios and Salem survive? Will they be able to make a
few bucks off a bad situation? All they have is each other to rely on.

Dec 22 2009



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