Battlefield Bad Company 2: Deathmatch Squad video

While the beta of Battlefield Bad Company 2 rages, EA introduced us a new game mode

Squad Deathmatch mode could not be simpler, it leads to the formation of teams of four players. They will eventually kill each other and reach a predetermined threshold of victims. The team will be required to achieve its goals and survive a minimum. Each card has a unique motor vehicle.

His capture is essential since with the latter killing the infantry will be easier. But these cards are not only advantageous to the vehicle, some areas hiding places that can house between other sniper and engineer. Battlefield Bad Company 2 will have a total of sixteen cards with the maximum area is 64km ².

In addition to a complete customization of weapons, as the draw of Modern Warfare 2 in integrating different skills available with time and experience points. Leaves much to be done, as guided by the best.

Release date scheduled for March 5, 2010 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Dec 23 2009



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