Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition Trailer

Devolver Digital has announced the release of Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition recently on PS3 and PS Vita, offering the complete package of the adventures of our 1996 heroes at cheap rates and free for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Popular FPS originally released in 1996 on PC, Duke Nukem 3D has left behind many players. The title of 3D Realms today celebrates its first appearance on PS3 and PS Vita, as part of the release of Megaton Edition.

As a reminder, this version of the game includes the original campaigns and a new episode consists of 11 levels and three extensions: Duke Carribean, Duke It Out in DC and Nuclear Winter.

Already out on PC in 2013, this edition is offered at 9.99 euros on PS3 and PS Vita. Subscribers to PlayStation Plus can also download the game for free throughout the month of january.

Devolver Digital has also stated that the game will feature a multiplayer mode playable with cross-play, meaning that it will be possible to confront PS Vita players from a PS3 and vice versa. Finally, the game offers a variety of trophies to unlock.


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