Project CARS vs Driveclub – Rain Weather Comparison Video

Here is a graphic comparison between Driveclub on PS4 and future Project CARS game that focuses on centralized graphics performance on weather conditions, including rain effects. Is Project CARS higher than the title of Evolution Studios?

Some days back a video of Project CARS was put forward for the weather effects which was quite impressive, especially in terms of the impact on grip. The graphics of Slightly Mad Studios game is also an important point and quite effective so far.

To get a good idea of its rendering, MotoGamesTV conducted a comparative video between Project CARS PC (build 887) and the game Driveclub on PS4. The purpose of this extract is clearly not to distinguish differences in behavior, since Driveclub is clearly arcade oriented against simulation for Project CARS.

The objective is to identify the differences in graphics, especially at the rain effects. In absolute terms, the title of Slightly Mad Studios seems more efficient with particle effects and more realistic for drops of water. However, a clear difference is felt in the cockpit view with the rendering of rain while making the passage which seems clearly more effective in Driveclub wipers.

Of course, nothing is fixed, since Project CARS is still under development and its output is at March 20, 2015 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and later on SteamOS and Wii U.


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