Resident Evil HD Remaster – Gameplay Video

To get an idea of ​​the gameplay of the recent HD re-release of Resident Evil, here is a PC gameplay video that will remind of the remembrance to those who played it on GameCube or Wii few years ago.

Now available on PC and gaming consoles in dematerialized format, Resident Evil HD Remaster is a reissue in high definition from the GameCube/Wii version of the first survival horror from Capcom, much appreciated by fans of the saga.

To get an idea of the rendering and graphics enhancements, the site DSO Gaming has released a gameplay video that offers the first 15 minutes of gameplay in the shoes of Jill Valentine in the famous mansion.

The visual qualitative is rather not that impressive, even if it is mainly a question of a smoothing and resolution improvement over the initial work on Nintendo consoles.

Recall that the title is available on Steam platform at 19.99 euros.


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