Dying Light – Launch Trailer

For the release of Dying Light, the studio Techland offers us nervous and convincing launch trailer. Parkour, dismemberment, customization of multiplayer escapes: all this elements that make this game a hit in the market.

Developed by the team behind the first Dead Island (including the second part will be released later this year), Dying Light gives us a similar zombie killing game in which many components have been added. The rigidity of the movements is lower and the developers have even wanted the player to move around the Turkish city where the game with the parkour style is held. We can therefore expect a pleasurable urban racing sessions to escape the zombies by the roofs or in the narrow streets.

The crafting of weapons is also very present and gives the player the ability to upgrade simple weapons into electric weapons or inflamed ones. Finally, a day and night cycle diversifies the gameplay with a different approach that will require overnight care and discretion. You can also play this game in multiplayer co-op to 4  on PS4, Xbox One and PC. You will however have to be patient for the physical version of Dying Light that has been delayed and will be released on February 27th.


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