Xenoblade Chronicles X – CO-OP Gameplay Video

Under the Nintendo Direct, more information about Xenoblade Chronicles X have been highlighted. In addition to the video presentation of more than 20 minutes, details are provided about the online features of this RPG game on Wii U.

Rather awaited by fans of Japanese RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles X is a title exclusively for the Wii U. In the recent Nintendo Direct, the Japanese manufacturer has focused on the title of the studio Monolith Soft, including a video presenting more than 20 minutes above.

In addition, we learn that the role play will have a native resolution of 720p. The title will feature online functionality with up to 32 players that can be connected passively in a lobby with a view to exchanging information and objects.

In addition, a co-op up to 4 players online is highlighted in the context of quests specifically designed to be practiced as well. Also, the main campaign will remain playable as solo.

Recall that Xenoblade Chronicles X will be released on April 26, 2015 in Japan. Nintendo has not yet indicated any release date for Europe.


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