The Order: 1886 – Launch Trailer

Sony has released a video of The Order: 1886 which marks its launch today on PlayStation 4. This exclusive game promises a realization of high-flying by showing a video of the gameplay that will live up to our expectations.

New Sony exclusive game for the PlayStation 4, The Order: 1886 is available today in the final version. Also, Sony has posted an introductory video that highlights the atmosphere of game. The title of Ready At Dawn Studios has been often praised about its graphics and art direction, which are no longer to prove.

This third person shooter game that allows us to embody Sir Galahad, a Knight of the Order who, with his squad, will face mixed blood that threatens the population of London. The work around of the main protagonists was recently highlighted in the context of a video.

The question is whether the title will be qualitative as to its gameplay and its life. Indeed, information previously circulated on the net for a campaign that ends in a matter of hours.


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