Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Water Test Video

The Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone also resists water immersions. However, there is something, which explains why Samsung did not communicate on this.

As the new flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone is entitled to its first stress tests. After the test run which it appears functional, here is one of resistance to immersion in water. The new South Korean flagship smartphone had indeed been found submerged in a water bowl. It can still be held more than 20 minutes before going out.

Even if Samsung does not communicate about it, focusing more on the curved screen, reloading wireless or fast charging, the Galaxy Edge S6 is therefore splash resistant and to even dips. It remains that this lives to its limits. If the smartphone was willing to restart after being dried, it shows malfunctions, such as refusal to start.

Perhaps, that is why the manufacturer did not provide any news on this aspect as it did for the Galaxy S5. One way to avoid having to justify to users retain only the waterproof feature regardless of conditions (time, depth).


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