Wii U – Nintendo 64 Games Trailer

As part of Nintendo Direct, the Japanese manufacturer has confirmed that the Virtual Console of Wii U is now endowed to N64 and DS games, including the first two games which are available for download now on the eShop.

Nintendo has recently held a new Nintendo Direct conference providing additional information concerning its consoles and games. The Japanese manufacturer has announced that the Wii U will have new game catalogs on the Virtual Console, namely those of the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS.

We learn that the titles of these consoles will be playable on TV or directly on the GamePad. For N64 titles, it will be also possible to choose three grip profiles and reassign the buttons on the controller.

Already, the first two games are available on the eShop for Wii U, namely Super Mario 64 and Yoshi's Island DS, both at 9.99 dollars. Generally in readable manner, N64 games will be sold between at 9.99 and 11.99 dollars, while the DS games will be offered between 6.99 and 9.99 dollars.

Note that to transfer your N64 games you have previously acquired on the Virtual Console that will cost 2 dollars per game.

The next games coming on the shop are specified: Yoshi's Touch & Go and WarioWare Touched on April 9, 2015, Donkey Kong 64 on April 16, Mario Kart DS on April 23 and Paper Mario 64 on April 30.


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