Secure Auditor 2.0.1262

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Secure Auditor 2.0.1262

Secure Auditor is an integrated network security solution to minimize information security risks. It determines the network vulnerability severity for the ISMS environment, their associated threat information and threat relevance to the organization.

It is the integrated solution that delivers optimize network and database security along with solutions for implementation and maintenance of best practices. Now organizations do not require multiple security software for minimization of their enormous security problems. Secure Auditor is a single solution that can cater diversified security concerns from single console. It’s all in one package, with extensive number of embedded auditing tools and detailed reporting module to address IT security issues proactively. It is a user friendly tool for network devices, operating systems and database audit.

Secure Auditor is the most cost effective database security solution that provides effective compliance along with facility to audit databases at most economical prices. It compares database information with the industry benchmark for regulatory compliance enforcement. It collects the information of databases and present detailed reports while making them compliant with information security standards.

Secure Auditor significantly strengthens control, IT security compliance, data security and risk minimization efforts of an organization with identification of gaps between their current processes and industry benchmarks. It provides detailed description of network vulnerability including links to the appropriate reference and recommended solution of identified threats for facilitating security risk minimization efforts of an organization. Secure Auditor™ reduces IT security and control team time in researching fixes for network exposures and proactively eliminates security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.



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