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Element TotalProtect 2010

Element TotalProtect 2010 automatically protects you and your family at all times – whether you work, bank, shop or play online. Element TotalProtect 2010 has everything you need for a safe and secure Internet experience.

Groundbreaking technologies in Element TotalProtect 2010 protect you from cybercrime and a wide range of IT threats: Viruses, Trojans, worms and other malware, spyware and adware Rootkits, bootkits and other complex threats Identity theft by keyloggers, screen capture malware or phishing scams Botnets , network attacks and intrusions Unwanted, offensive web content and spam.

Element TotalProtect stops your PC being slowed down by cybercriminals and delivers unsurpassed on-line safety whilst protecting your files, music and photos from hackers:

  • Keeps your money and identity safe 
  • Protects against bank account fraud
  • Safeguards against online shopping threats
  • Cybercriminals won’t hi-jack your PC
  • Family protection from on-line predators
  • Your files won’t be ruined by hackers
  • Keeps your PC running smoothly
  • Two way personal firewall
  • Unmatched protection against viruses, spyware and root kits
  • Immunize your system against all possible future threats
  • Rescue tools allow you to restore your system to its previous state

Unlike Most antivirus packages, Element TotalProtect is extremely light on your computers vital system resources, so Element TotalProtect completely lowers the bar on what we recommend your computer to have to run Element TotalProtect 2010 efficiently.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP 2003 Vista 2008 7 2008 R2 Operating System are supported
  • Intel Pentium Processor at 800MHz or higher recommended
  • 256MB RAM or higher memory recommended
  • 55MB hard disk space (although we recommended an additional 300MB hard disk space)
  • A mouse and keyboard is required
  • To download, use and activate the product, an Internet connection is required
  • A display resolution of 1024×768 at 32bit color is highly recommended or above



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