ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS

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ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS

ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS: Certified to remove spyware, viruses, malware and Trojans by the esteemed West Coast Labs.
This sophisticated software offers progressive virus protection
combined with the anti-spyware technology that has established
ParetoLogic as one of the industry’s leaders. ParetoLogic Anti-Virus
PLUS’ advanced scanning and cleaning engine tirelessly locates and
completely removes even the most deeply rooted viruses, spyware, adware
and even rootkits, which attempt to cover the tracks of potentially
damaging malware.

This software goes many steps beyond the norm to keep you protected.
When you are using the Internet, it will block malware-related sites
and warn you of their attempts to invade your PC. As well, it protects
you from malware that is located in scripts. This helps prevent you
from being a victim of the "drive-by download." ParetoLogic Anti-Virus
PLUS can even locate threats in compressed files. As social networking
sites continue to grow in popularity, malware is being created to take
advantage of unsuspecting users. ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS offers
protection from these threats as well.


  • Detection and complete removal of viruses, spyware and other malicious malware
  • In-depth scanning and cleaning process that finds and eliminates even the most sophisticated threats
  • Detection and removal of known rootkits, which try to stop detection of malware
  • Blocking of access to malware related URLs
  • Customizable scanning
  • Quick, easy-to-use
  • Free database updates to keep you protected against the latest threats

As with all ParetoLogic programs, Anti-Virus PLUS is a fast acting and
easy-to-use, customizable application that is supported by regular
updates. It also has a small footprint so it does not take up valuable
space that you need for your important programs or gaming. ParetoLogic
Anti-Virus PLUS is also backed by the company’s customer care and
support team that is second to none, ensuring that you are never alone
in your fight against spyware, malware, and viruses.



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