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12Ghosts Backup 9.0

Backing up data is mandatory. Just imagine you would lose all your work, all e-mails of the last two weeks: What is that worth to you? If backups were difficult, however, you wouldn’t do them often enough. 12-Backup makes it easy because everything is done automatically. All you need to do is add files to a list. The program then does the backup at a user-defined interval. You may exclude temporary files to save time, and you are not bothered with locked files: they are included the next time automatically.

Besides doing normal backups, a special piece of engineering is Hyper-Backup: It keeps every change of your documents, creating several layers of backups, again, automatically, while you are working. HyperBackup automatically stores multiple versions of your files and applies a reasonable filter to keep versions of every stage. This stores more versions in a more sophisticated way than any other backup program, while requiring only a modest amount of disk space.

The software is carefully designed, well documented, and gives you all the options you would expect.

This is the most common way of doing backups. You create a copy of all important files to a backup location. To keep the backup process fast, so you actually keep doing it regularly, only add folders to your backup that contain files you work on frequently, like the My Documents folder.

The fastest backup would be to a second disk drive. Once you’ve done a full backup, most of the files are already there. From then on, only files that have been changed or are newer than those already in the backup are backed up. (This is also referred to as "incremental backup" which usually depends on the Archive attribute, whereas 12-Backup is based on the date modified).

The backup location may be on the same disk as the original, but to enhance security it should be a second disk drive. A new 40 GB disk costs only about $65. It is the fastest and easiest method to always have a full backup of your important data. Since it’s faster and always available it is also more likely that you are actually doing a backup!



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