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ArkBackup Home 3.0

For most computer users, backing up your files is a lot like going to the dentist – we tend to put it off until we really have to. By then, it’s often too late and the damage may have already been done.

The good news is that there is an excellent Windows backup software product available that make backing up relatively easy and painless. So easy that computer users at all levels can routinely and automatically protect their important data from disaster.

ArkBackup is an easy-to-use and professional backup software tool that helps to protect your important data from irreparable loss or damage. ArkBackup is designed for MS Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7 and the server system – Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008. Strong file encryption and multi-choice zip compression on the fly, as well as many other useful features, will protect your valuable data.


  • FAST! – The ArkBackup Backup Engine uses the inimitable algorithm to create backup archive. Under the same conditions, e.g. compress data or not, encrypt or not, etc. ArkBackup always much faster than most of other primary backup software or file compressing tools.
  • VARIOUS! – ArkBackup Backup Engine supports to backup local disk files, Windows Registry keys, remote files (FTP), web files (HTTP) and Windows environment (e.g. Desktop icons positions, etc) inherently.
  • FLEXIBLE! – ArkBackup Backup Engine can create not only the official backed up archive type file(ABKF), but also ZIP package, ZIP64 is also supported, or just make an original copy for your data, to meet your various requirements.
  • AUTOMATIC! – ArkBackup provides a flexible and powerful scheduler to backup your data automatically.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE! – ArkBackup allows to specify actions for backup jobs. You can run additional programs, do file operations(e.g. copy/move/delete files), burn CD/DVD discs, FTP upload files before and/or after backing up. In general, it gives a great convenience.
  • VOLUME SHADOW COPY! – ArkBackup supports Volume Shadow Copy(VSS) of Windows. This feature allows you to back up open files (local) from NTFS partitions in Windows (x86).
  • UNICODE! – ArkBackup supports Unicode. The files with any type of characters (such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean or middle east) in its name can be backed up and restored without any problems.


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