Backup Engine 8.1

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Backup Engine 8.1

BACKUP ENGINE is a powerful backup software, which takes backup on schedule as well as on real time. It is very handy and easy to use software.

Schedule Backup:

  • In Schedule backup option it takes the backup of  your file/folder on occurrence of each schedule from any folder of any drive to select folder of any drive, you can set schedule at the difference of every second, so after completion of each second it takes the backup from working folder of any drive to any select folder of any drive selected by you.

Real Time Backup:

  • In Real Time option it takes the backup of working file to any selected folder of selected drive. It takes backup of a file when any modification is done in that file, it also takes backup of a file, which is open and you are doing work in it.

BACKUP ENGINE is very useful software for each and every users of the computer, especially the user who has total concern with computer and has important data to deal with, at that time it is not easy to take manual backup every now and then, instead just set source and target path once and become fearless, Backup Engine will take your all fear and will take backup on its own.  


  • Take Backup on schedule.
  • Take Backup on Real Time [i.e. Auto-Backup].
  • Take Backup of any number of files or folder at a time.
  • You can set schedule backup at a difference of one second.
  • It takes backup of a file is open and you are doing work in it.

Recommended System:

  • Intel Celeron and above
  • 50 MB Free HDD Space
  • 64 MB RAM (Recommended 128 MB)
  • Windows 98/me/2000/XP/Vista/Seven operating


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