Backup2 Portable 4.2 Build 145

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Backup2 Portable

Backup2 Portable is a backup program for Windows that uses as backup destinations portable devices such as USB flash drives (memory sticks).

can automatically protect your important files and folders using the
scheduler and also offers password protection for the compressed backup

This backup program can back-up open (locked) files and
it can perform full, differential, incremental and mirror backups. This
means that the resulting backup can be stored either in standard zip
format or without any compression at all.

When defining a
back-up job you can set source filters, so that only specific
files/folders will be backed-up. Once the back-up finishes, you can see
what files have been changed since the last backup or read statistics
about the next backup execution.

Predefined backups, such as My
Documents, My Pictures, Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla
Thunderbird or IE Favorites, make it easier to back-up specific
applications or data. Additionally, other backup plugins can be freely
installed from our extensive online library.

This backup program
creates standard zip files, which means that you can access the saved
backup files with any zip compatible utility. Furthermore, with support
for the ZIP64 format, you can back-up files larger than 2GB.

keeps track of file versions which means that you can easily restore
any version of files or an entire folder. As with sources, the
files/folders to be restored can be filtered too. The resulting backup
files are automatically tested to ensure that there aren’t any errors
(uses CRC32).

Can be installed and used on Windows 2000, 2003 Server, XP, Vista, Server 2008, Windows 7 and offers multi language support.


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