Data LifeSaver Home Edition 3.81

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Data LifeSaver Home Edition 3.81

Data LifeSaver recovers data from hard drives (IDE, SCSI, SATA), USB drives, (E)SATA drives, firewire drives, partitions, floppy drives, drive images, zip/jaz drives, compact flash cards, smart media cards, secure digital cards, USB flash drives and iPod disks.

Data LifeSaver recovers FAT 12/16/32 and all NTFS file systems and works with Windows NT, 2k, XP and Vista operating systems. It checks the storage device and scans it. Accessible data are then analyzed and reconstructed. Data LifeSaver supports special technologies for bad sector handling.

Data LifeSaver will even recognize data if the boot sector or the structures of the file system (FAT/NTFS) are inaccessible. Data LifeSaver creates a virtual drive in the RAM space that looks just like a regular file explorer. You will see data and files of the damaged storage device you thought were lost. You can open the files and check them, using the original application. Sorting and filtering functions will help you to find relevant data quickly. After buying a license you can save the files to a safe media.

Data LifeSaver is a read only software that will never destroy a storage device or any data saved to it. All recovered data will be saved to a media different from the original one, like a new hard drive, a USB stick or another work station within a network. It recovers data even if the file system meta information (MFT, FAT, etc.) are lost.

Data LifeSaver supports compressed and sparse files during the recovery process.

It will help you when data seems to be lost or the storage device is physically intact but can no longer be accessed, after:

  • formatting
  • repartitioning
  • accidental deletions
  • virus, worm attacks
  • power failures
  • application errors and more



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