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disk2disk 1.3

disk2disk is an award winning backup package which allow files to be backed up between different storage devices.  Geared as a backup solution for SoHo (Small office, Home office) systems, it contains a number of enhancements to boost performance with removable media such as CDR and CDRW*, all for only $19.95.

disk2disk offers a rich set of features to make backup easier and quicker. These include:

  • Works on Windows 95+/98/ME/2000, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows XP
  • Point and click file/directory selection
  • Ability to load and save backup profiles
  • Disk spanning to zip drives or packet CDR* or CDRW*
  • Supports >4GB files under NTFS
  • Backs up open files (if not locked)
  • Incremental and differential backups are supported
  • File compression in two flavours to allow speed and size to be optimised
  • Backup and restore of the windows registry
  • Optional encrypted backups
  • Ability to limit the size of archive files produced
  • File grooming to wipe old backups
  • Error logging
  • Command line interface
  • Built in scheduler for automated backups
  • Comprehensive backup status display
  • Online help
  • Online version checking for easy updates
  • Automated installer and deinstaller
  • Manual in .pdf format
  • Email tech support for registered users


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