FileWing 1.0

Abelssoft GmbH
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FileWing 1.0

When you delete a file in Windows, then this is not deleted, but Windows "forgets" only intentionally, where this file is located. It is possible to restore some of these files if you have not been overwritten on disk. Our new tool FileWing you can either help you recover apparently deleted files, and securely delete files so that they can not be restored. And the best part: FileWing’s completely free for you!

FileWing – Features at a Glance:

  • Recover lost files, restore:      
    FileWing can restore files found. Just enter a folder in which you want to restore the file and do the rest FileWing
  • Deletes files securely and irreversibly:
    FileWing used various methods to destroy files securely. You have a choice between 7 different methods by which the file to be deleted from 1 to 35-times will be overwritten with different file patterns. The methods used are based on scientific evidence – so you can be sure that deleted files do not show up again!
  • Hard drives, USB drives, memory cards:      
    FileWing reviewed all of your hard disks and USB drives, and can identify files that can be recovered. So if you have accidentally deleted something, can FileWing restore these files in many cases.
  • AbEasy:      
    Provides a user interface. Wizards guide you at every step.


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