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History Explorer 2.2

History Explorer is a program that lets you overview and access old versions of files. Every time you save a file, History Explorer automatically saves a copy of the old file. This simple functionality means that History Explorer has all the information it needs to let you access old versions of your files. History Explorer looks and works much like Windows Explorer except it’s designed to let you view the history of your files.

History Explorer makes a local backup of your files, but isn’t primarily for backing up your holiday photos, rather it is for files that you work with and modify – Word documents, Presentations, text files, any kind of project files and much more.

You need History Explorer when:

  • Have you ever lost parts of your work?
  • Have you ever accidentally deleted a file?
  • Have you ever known your document contained another section just a few days ago… but now it’s gone?
  • Have you ever worked at an office where the IT department runs a nightly backup to tapes? If you suddenly feel that you made a mistake and want to look at a file you had yesterday, would you go to the IT department for help? It’s most often not worth the hassle. It’s for those days you need History Explorer.
  • Have you ever spent late hours redoing lost work?

There are many good backup solutions on the web. Most of them work on a schedule, making a backup every week or so of the files and folders you have chosen. This backup is then placed on an external drive or a CD. History Explorer has no scheduling, instead it saves every change you make to a file. There are many advantages with such a solution:

  • If you have modified 10 files one day, these 10 files will be saved not the thousands of files that you haven’t modified.
  • You don’t have to decide how to set up a backup schedule.
  • You can get at an old version of a file you changed 10 minutes ago.

Most backup solutions are intended for the day when something goes really wrong. Your hard-drive breaks or your laptop is stolen. History Explorer is for every day use and therefore has a design that makes it very simple to access and overview your files. No other backup software has the same kind of user interface.



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