Magic Photo Recovery 2.0.9

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Magic Photo Recovery 2.0.9

Have you deleted a photo? Have cleared memory of camera in error? Restore any removed images by means of Magic Photo Recovery just following four simple steps!

You can recover photos if you erroneously have removed them from your computer, camera, flash-card, or memory card of a mobile phone or any other data carrier. You might have lost these files after clearing the basket, removing in a command line, formatting or removing without using a basket.

The program carefully scans the necessary disk, and finds deleted files and restores them. Thanks to a new analysis algorithm of a disk, the program restores even those files, that other programs do not find!

Thanks to the convenient master, it became much easier to restore the removed files. Now you can restore any images while just pressing one button, even if you don’t have any skills of work with a computer. Before you start to restore files, you can see them and choose what you need. Using the built in filter, you can easily find the photos you need.

Here are some key features of "Magic Photo Recovery":

· Any types of file systems are supported: FAT12 /16/32, NTFS (NT4) and NTFS5.

· Magic Photo Recovery supports all types of file systems of operational system MS Windows, including the modern versions NTFS used in Windows XP.

· Restores from any data carriers.

· The program supports any types of data carriers (hard disks, digital cameras, USB-disks, flash-cards, memory cards of mobile phones, etc.).

· Restores the images lost after a virus attack or because of program errors.

· Images could be removed, if your system was attacked by a virus. Some programs also can remove erroneously files. You can restore them, using Magic Photo Recovery.

· Restores the images removed without use of a basket.

· Many programs at removal of a file from a disk do not use a basket. Even considering, that these files are not present, you can find them on a disk and restore. Also you can restore the images removed from a basket.

· Restores files after formatting disks.

· You can restore files from the formatted partitions. Even if you have formatted a disk and thus have changed type of file system on it, all equally remains chance, that the program can find and restore files from the previous disk!

· Simplicity of use and attractive interface.

· Developers of the program obtained a down to earth simplicity giving the user ease of use. As a result, you can restore any images by selecting a button, even if you are not skillful with a computer.

· Opportunity of viewing of images before restoration.

· The built in browser of images will help you to choose the necessary photos easily.

· Option of the filter.

· You have an opportunity to filter the image under the status (existing, deleted), to the size and the dimension.


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