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MultiStage Recovery 4.1

On occasion, accidental data loss occurs due to hard drive formatting or a serious virus attack. In these instances, users can literally lose everything they previously had on their hard drives. This can be incredibly upsetting and stressful, especially if extremely important and highly personal files are involved.

MultiStage Recovery is a professional file recovery tool for Windows. It is designed to quickly recover files from hard disks, floppy disks, flash drives, digital camera cards, and most other digital storage devices. The program supports all Windows file systems including NTFS/NTFS5,FAT12/FAT16/FAT32/VFAT. With an optimized algorithm and smart built-in cache system, the tool has incredibly fast scan of hard drives.

The most important feature of MultiStage Recovery is that it finds everything that can be actually recovered. This is not the case with competitors of MultiStage Recovery, whose software often finds and displays non-recoverable files just to boost their recovery claims. It is usually the case with competitor’s software that such data is already lost or has been rewritten, so cannot be recovered.

MultiStage Recovery has user-friendly interface that offers users a truly straightforward and satisfying experience. No special skills are required, and the program is absolutely suitable even for a newbie to computers. The tool has the ability to keep logs and sort located files by name, size, type, location, date created, and date modified. In addition, MultiStage Recovery has an advanced search system and built-in preview feature that supports over 60 formats of image, music, and text files. Users are able to view pictures or documents before the beginning of a recovery.

MultiStage Recovery is a universal data rescue tool that supports hard drives, flash drives, floppy disks, external USB drives, digital camera cards, removable mobile phone cards, and removable multimedia cards (eg XD, TransFlash, MMC, SD, MicroSD). In fact, it can be used with any storage device that displays a drive letter (or any logical drive that is recognized). Multistage Recovery is therefore a must-have solution even in the most difficult situations – for instance, when data needs to be recovered from several drives.

MultiStage Recovery has a built-in preview system. This means that you can preview files prior to recovery (eg images, sound, music and text files) without the help of other software. This simplifies navigation and enables a data validity check.



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