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Photoshop Recovery Toolbox 1.0

A software tool for recovering corrupted Adobe Photoshop data files.

Photoshop Recovery Toolbox (download) is an easy-to-use and convenient program for recovering Adobe Photoshop files (files with the *.psd extension). The tool has an intuitive interface and allows even inexperienced users to quickly and effectively recover their data.

The interface of the program is implemented as a step-by-step wizard that allows you to select the file, automatically analyzes its structure and recovers data with a minimum of operations from you. You only have to select the source file you want to recover and select the name of the new file the recovered data will be saved to.

In the second step, the program allows you to view the detailed structure of data in the source file with objects it contains: layers, headers and other objects. You can also view the parameters of each object. After you select the output file in the final step, you will see the log with ongoing operations. The demo version of the program adds random noise to recovered images. You have to purchase a license for the full version of the program to disable this limitation. You can use the Back button in any step to get back to the previous step of the wizard.

If the source file is seriously damaged or the program cannot find data in the source file automatically, you can send the corrupted source file to the developers. A click on the Send source file to developers button will attach the current file to a new e-mail message and then you just send the message with the attachment (usually it is the Send button in the mail client). When the authors of the program receive your file, they will try to recover the data manually and use the obtained knowledge to improve the algorithms of the program.

Photoshop Recovery Toolbox will help you recover the results of your work even in the most difficult cases. The program will save you pretty much time and many nerve cells. Photoshop Recovery Toolbox is a very easy-to-use program. The data recovery algorithms of Photoshop Recovery Toolbox are constantly improved.



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