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Recovery Toolbox for Zip

Recovery Toolbox for Zip is used to recover files from corrupted ZIP archives. The program scans
the archive, detects the data structure and tries to recover as much
information from the corrupted file as possible. Using several
different recovery algorithms, the tool makes it possible to achieve
the minimal loss of useful data stored in the corrupted archive. Also,
it checks data integrity, which allows it to increase the quality of
recovery. The zip recover program shows the full data recovery report
during its operation.

Main features of Recovery ToolBox for Zip:

  • Recovering encrypted data
  • The zip file recovery tool working with password-protected ZIP archives
  • The zip file recovery tool working with ZIP archives larger than 4 GB
  • Recovering data from corrupted media (floppy disks, compact disks, Zip drives and others)
  • Working with ZIP archives via the LAN
  • Using
    several independent algorithms makes it possible to recover as much
    useful information from a corrupted archive as possible


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