Recoveryer Ultimate Edition 2010 2.5

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Recoveryer Ultimate Edition 2010

Have you ever encounter embarrassing moment that certain important file
or Email was deleted accidentally and you just can’t figure a way to get
it back? This problem will not trouble you anymore, with the powerful
recoveryer 2010, all the losing file such as Images, Files, Media Video,
WinRAR Archives, etc can be easily retrieved, even they were emptied
from Windows recycle bin.

Recover files:

  • Files have been deleted by system crash, system error or
  • Files in external devices (such as digital camera, SD card,
    Flash drive, DV, etc) have been deleted
  • Files have been deleted by mistaken operation (such as
    shift+delete, or emptied from Windows recycle bin)
  • Files have been deleted directly without going through
    Windows recycle bin
  • A file has been covered by other file with same name

Recover drives:

  • Drive table or drive letter has gone missing
  • A drive has been formatted
  • A drive is corrupted
  • A drive has been formatted and Windows has been reinstalled
  • A drive can not be read as it is recognized as RAW
  • Previous drive data has gone missing because of a fresh
    installation which caused by Windows recovery or system restore
  • Other problems that has caused data losing on a hard drive


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