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SecureBackup 3.1.3607 SecureBackup Pro

Don’t lose your precious family photos or videos. Backup your music collection, email, and other important documents with our fully automated and secure online backup solution. SecureBackup is very easy-to-use and makes backing up and restoring your files a breeze. In addition, SecureBackup provides FIPS 197 AES Data Security and Password Encryption that meets NSA Guidelines.

External hard drives, flash drives, CD-R/DVD-R media, and tape drives can be lost, stolen, or simply fail. In addition, these devices need to be stored offsite to protect against fire, theft, and natural disasters. Using a remote backup solution can solve all of these problems, but it comes with a risk – It needs to be secure!

The SecureBackup software is  engineered to be both secure and reliable. Thorough backup file verification checks are in place to ensure data integrity. Your backup files are automatically compressed, encrypted, and verified using carefully engineered methods. Your data is verified both before it is uploaded and afterwards as well.

The SecureBackup service provides the ultimate in data protection with Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 197 AES file encryption, password encryption that meets National Security Agency guidelines, and HIPAA Compliance. The file encryption algorithm used in SecureBackup PRO is the same algorithm used by the U.S. Government to protect classified information.


  •  Simple, user-friendly, award winning software!
  •  Automated scheduled backup!
  •  US Government grade encryption and HIPAA compliancy
  •  Unlimited number of automated and on-demand backup jobs
  •  Use on unlimited number of computers
  •  24/7 technical support!
  •  Low monthly rates – Starting at only $24.97 for 50 GB!
  •  New archive feature automatically stores older copies of files
  •  SPI firewalled server and 256-Bit AES file encryption
  •  No Risk 14-Day FREE Trial!


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