Selkie Photo Recovery 2.4.3

Tugboat Enterprises
16.6 MB
Operating System
Windows All
BackUp and Recovery

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Selkie Photo Recovery

Selkie Photo Recovery is an easy-to-use program which rescues important photos and images from a computer that has crashed. It by-passes broken Windows systems suffering from virus, spyware, malware, or other problems, scans your computer for photo and image files, and allows you to access those files, even when they are trapped in a broken Windows Operating System.

Selkie Photo Recovery works on all versions of Windows and systems compatible with Intel. All it needs to function is 30 MB of free RAM, a working keyboard, a working hard drive and one working CD-ROM drive. Even a burned out video card won’t stop Selkie – it runs before Windows and uses the basic VGA chip built into every PC motherboard.

Features of Selkie Photo Recovery

  • Save your photos and protect your precious memories – Selkie ensures life’s special moments stay with you, even when technology fails
  • No downtime restore your digital photos in minutes
  • No pre-installation needed we can do it anyway
  • No back up needed no matter how diligently you back things up, we understand that accidents happen!
  • No operating system needed to restore your images Selkie works even when Windows doesn’t
  • Selkie is do-it-yourself photo recovery
  • Recover your photos FAST and save the money you would have paid a tech
  • Selkie will find all your image files, and transfer them to a new computer in the same order you won’t have to deal with a jumbled mess of files when they’re recovered it’s a RELIEF to see them all where they should be.
  • Got a new laptop or desktop computer You can ALSO use Selkie to easily transfer photos from one computer to another



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