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SmartDirCopy 5.0

SmartDirCopy is an easy backup program to back up only a selection of your important documents, a tool for simple, frequent and fast backups. This software helps to save your everyday work in a quick and clear way. Fast because it copies only pre-selected items AND only if they changed since last backup. Clear, because it leaves the directory structure and file formats in the backup as they were in the source, making an easy control on the result of the backup or a fast restore of a file possible.

Backup is possible to several kinds of drives like hard disk, cd, dvd, USB-sticks, external hard drives and other direct access media. People who easily forget or who want more automized backups can use the included timer. People who tend to be curious or even suspicious can use the extended real time monitoring and logging possibilities. Especially for users whose work is frequently updated but not backupped by a central system.

cds or dvds should be made directly accessible with software like InCD from Nero, DirectCd from Roxio or with other software that probably came with your writer




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