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Supreme Backup 3.5

Discover the most affordable computer backup software that will provide you with the extra, added confidence you need!

Supreme Backup will backup computer files to multiple locations on a given schedule, compress your files, encrypt your files, and restore everything seamlessly.  Our computer backup software will backup files to ftp, email address, LAN, remote share, local folder, or local drive.  This computer backup software runs quietly in the background and allows you to schedule daily, weekly, or monthly backups.  An excellent feature is that you can rotate backup locations, or backup to many locations all at once.  Anyone who has ever had their hard drive crash, only to find out that their previously made backup copies are also corrupted, can certainly understand the significance of this.

In addition to the already advanced features, you can even compress files using the ZIP format and encrypt files using Blowfish encryption.  You can also timestamp backups allowing you to retain multiple backup versions.  If you need to free up space on your backup destination source,  the backup computer program will allow you to easily delete your older backups.  Although, Supreme Backup boasts some sophisticated features, this backup and recovery software still carries an easy to use interface making your process of backing up entire drives, folders, or individual files a breeze!   


  • Backup computer files to your hard drive or another hard drive
  • Backup to FTP, email address, LAN, local folder, local drive, or a remote share
  • Schedule automatic daily, weekly, or monthly backups
  • Rotate backup locations, or backup to many locations all at once
  • Include or exclude certain file types
  • Encrypt files using Blowfish encryption
  • Compress files using the ZIP format
  • Timestamp backups to allow you to retain multiple backup versions
  • Have 100% confidence that all your irreplaceable data like digital photos, business files, tax records, and other important information is safe!


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