TrueSafe 3.52

Q Point Technology
15 MB
Operating System
Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Xp
BackUp and Recovery

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TrueSafe 3.52

TrueSafe backs up your computer files, providing you with protection against loss, corruption, and accidental deletion. TrueSafe is designed for people that don’t want to hassle with backups- it is easy to use and runs automatically.Virtually everyone has suffered data loss at some point. You know it’s only a question of time. Don’t risk losing your valuable data.

Key Features:

  •  Backup your email, pictures, music, documents, videos, and more.
  •  Easy to Setup- install and get protected in just 5 minutes.
  •  Hassle free- automatic operation frees you from backup drudgery.
  •  Backup to your USB hard disk, USB flash drive, network drive, and more.
  •  Zip Format – save in a convenient, non-proprietary Zip format file.
  •  Locked file support- backup files that are in use by other applications. Great for backing up your Outlook email.
  •  Disaster Level Protection- optionally backup your data offsite to another computer running TrueSafe.
  •  Host other user’s backups on your computer and help your friends and family stay protected.
  •  Laptop support- supports users on the go with suspend/resume awareness.
  •  Email Notifications- let you know when your backup has completed or is past due.
  •  Unobtrusive- runs in the background so you can keep working.


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