CMOSsave/CMOSrest 4.6 Build 9325

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CMOSsave/CMOSrest 4.6 Build 9325

Utilities to save, restore and check CMOS
settings for DOS, Win3.1, Win95 and Win98. Does not restore under NT,
but can save and check.

Power surges can corrupt CMOS tables.
This applicatiyon responds to the need for a simple and easy to use
method to quickly restore all the CMOS settings.

If the battery fails, the contents will be lost. We need a way to restore a known working CMOS configuration.

You may want to alter some obscure CMOS setting and you don’t have a program to set it.

can also be used to toggle between two CMOS configurations, for example
with and without a removable hard drive installed. If you had removable
hard disks, you could rapidly switch between the various disks.

can detect subtle corruption to CMOS, as might be caused by a rogue
program or a virus, something that might slow your machine or make it

CMOSSave can create a backup of your CMOS on floppy.
This way you may safely experiment with CMOS settings. You can always
get back to where you started by using CMOSRest to restore the original
settings. Any time you fiddle with the computer innards, you might
accidentally disconnect the battery, losing CMOS. CMOSSAVE lets you put
it back the way it was.

If you build machines for a living, you can rapidly clone the CMOS settings of one template machine in a dozen other



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