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Alcohol 120%

Emulation Software for burning DVD/CD

Alcohol 120% is the ultimate software for emulation and burning DVD/CD. From the CD, you can store your most used or most important data as images on your computer and run them at 200 times normal speed virtually. Burn more than one CD or DVD at the same time, even from different sources, using the latest technology recorders. Alcohol is compatible with over 99% of available drives. Go around all the latest protection using the process of emulation and burning of non-standard software. Alcohol 120% supports numerous types of image files, including MDS, CCD, CUE, ISO, CDI, BWT, BWI, BWS, BWA, etc.

System Requirements
· Intel/AMD based PC

· Windows 95 or Windows NT users, please pay attention as follows:

· Must install Internet Explorer 5.0 or later version

· Window NT 4.0 must update to Service Pack 5 or later version

· Windows 95 must be OSR2 or later version

· 32MB (or more) of RAM

· Internet connection

· 10GB (or more) hard disk (a 74 minute CD image requires 650-700MB)

· One or more bus-mastering SCSI and/or ATAPI buses

· One or more CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drives. You can use a CD/DVD recorder as a reader with sufficient hard disk space.

· One or more CD recorders (if you install more than 2 CD recorders, 700MHz CPU and 128MB RAM is recommended).

· One or more DVD recorders (if you want to burn DVD format)

What's New

  • New User Interface with full unicode support
  • New Folder Management, and enhanced Reading/writing engines.
  • You can download a new plugin for version 2 that will allow you to convert your discs to MP3
  • New A.C.I.D Wizard "Alcohol Cloaking Initiative for DRM"


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