DVD-Audio Solo 2.5

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DVD-Audio Solo 2.5


is a DVD-Audio authoring application for Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and Vista
personal computers.


  • DVD-Audio
    Solo enables users to burn DVD-Audio discs from audio tracks on the PC hard
    disk, CDs or from live recordings. You can play DVD-Audio discs on DVD players
    supporting DVD-Audio playback. DVD-Audio is a standard published by the DVD
  • Support
    audio tracks up to 192kHz / 32-bit sample size / 5.1-channel. Record audio
    tracks from analog sound card up to 192kHz / 24-bit sample size /
  • Audio
    file formats supported: WAV, AIF, MP3, FLAC, OGG, WMA including lossless (with
    no DRM).
  • Professional
    quality upsampling of stereo audio tracks from 44.1kHz /16-bit up to a maximum
    of 192kHz /24-bit.
  • Support
    still video for each audio track.
  • Write
    to all recordable DVD discs including double layer.
  • Rip
    and play DVD-Audio discs
    and non MLP encoded.


  • Support
    input audio file formats WAV PCM, AIF, MP3 (
    and Variable Bit Rate)
    , FLAC,
    OGG, CUE Sheet and
    including lossless (with no DRM).
  • Support
    multi-channel track in multiple mono channel files or a single multi-channel
  • Support
    gapless transitions between tracks.
  • Support
    up to 9 groups, up to 99 tracks per group, for a maximum total track count of
    314 per DVD-Audio disc.
  • Sampling
    frequencies of audio sources for import, playback and record :
    48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96KHz, 176.4KHz and 192KHz, in 16 bit or 24 bit sample
  • Still
    video support. Each track can be associated to one or more (up to 20) still
    video pictures in BMP or JPG file format, 
    for slide show like presentation with video capable DVD-Audio players.
    DVD-Audio Solo will automatically resizes still video pictures to fit screen
    format selected.
  • Built-in
    CD ripping with access to the Internet FreeDB service to query the CD album,
    artist and track names (requires an Internet connection).
  • Built-in
    audio player  to preview and monitor the
    tracks before burning.
  • Built-in
    recording facility to record external from audio sources like LP turntable
    through a capable sound card at up to 192KHz/24bit.
  • Rip
    DVD-Audio disc, limited to non copyright protected and non MLP encoded DVD-Audio
  • Play
    DVD-Audio disc, limited to non copyright protected and non MLP encoded DVD-Audio
  • Integrated
    DVD writing engine to write directly to DVD disc without the need for an
    external writing software.
  • Write a
    DVD-Audio project directly to DVD disc, or to an ISO image file on the PC hard
    disk for later writing to DVD disc.
  • Save/Load
    DVD-Audio project descriptions to/from a file to restore projects across
    executions. Build aggregate projects from smaller projects, e.g. load each group
    from an existing project.
  • Move
    tracks within a group with drag & drop. Move tracks across groups with cut
    & paste.
  • Select
    the application skin from 6 skins.
  • Tooltip
    for quick help on using DVD-Audio Solo.
  • Professional
    quality upsampling processed on the fly without the need to save intermediate
    files to the hard disk.
  • Write
    to DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL (Double Layer) recordable DVD discs at
    up to 8X. Average time to write a full 4.3Gb DVD disc is 12mn at
  • Support
    NTSC and PAL video systems.
  • Support
    4:3 and 16:9 screen formats.
  • Requires
    Microsoft Windows 2000, XP or Vista, with a minimum of 20Mb for installation,
    and 128Mb of RAM and 4.5Gb of free hard disk space for temporary



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