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Fomine NetSend 2.7

Fomine Net Send GUI is a simple and FREE alternative for the Windows Net Send functionality. If you ever used the Ned Send command to send instant messages over Winpopup protocol, you already know there’s little excitement in using the black-and-white command line to send messages. If you ever ran Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger, you can imagine the gap between these products and the Net Send command. No GUI, no contact list.

Windows Vista no longer has the Net Send command. Microsoft has removed the Net Send command, Messenger service and Winpopup protocol altogether from Windows Vista because of the many security problems associated with the protocol.

But what about those who are still using applications that rely on the instant messaging functionality once built into Windows? What about those who desperately need instant messaging over local networking but no longer have it? They are left without any official support from Microsoft except Internet-based Windows Messenger. That’s why you need third-party software to fill the void.

Fomine Net Send GUI re-enables your PC to send and receive instant messages over LAN and fulfils the need for Net Send command to all who got used to it.

There certainly was a good reason why Microsoft decided to get rid of the Winpopup protocol, Messenger service and the Net Send functionality. The only surprise is that they didn’t remove such a great security hole a long time ago!

The infamous phenomenon of Messenger Spam was a wide-spread and much talked-about issue just a while ago. Winpopup protocol did not have any authentication or security, which allowed annoying pop-up windows to obstruct users’ desktops. Winpopup became an annoying distraction to work in many offices that were connected to the Internet with computers’ IP addresses exposed.

A malicious person was easily able to completely lock up a computer, displaying multiple pop-up windows so fast that the user did not have a chance to close them.

The only way to stop and prevent these security issues was to stop the Messenger service altogether. That’s why Microsoft had no choice as to eventually obsolete the protocol and remove it completely from future versions of Windows.



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