Outlook Messenger 6.0

Outlook LAN Messenger is a Cross Platform (Windows, MAC, Linux) instant messaging software designed for use within Small, Medium and Corporate Offices. Intranet Office Messenger is an ideal replacement for Internet messengers in companies, having private and secure messaging and improving internal communications, business productivity and relationships between colleagues inside the office.

Outlook Messenger Features & Functions:

  • One to One Chat

    •  Rich Text Formatted Chatting
    •  Sealed Message Delivery for simple security
    •  Hotkey to Open the IM Window (Ctrl+Shift+D)
    •  Preset Message Templates & Hotkeys (Ctrl+m for Good Morning)
    •  Escape Message (hello & bye are displayed in the system tray instead of the IM window)
    •  Convert Local Path to Network Path
    •  Emoticons, Buzz
  • Group Chat
    • Group Chat can be arranged within Departments (sales, purchases, accounts department) or Users can create personalized discussion Groups.
  • Announcements & Broadcast meetings, holidays, notices etc
  • File Transfer

    • File Transfer within the Office is quick and easy. Just drag and drop the file onto the recipient’s name!
  • VoIP Voice Chat
    • VoIP based Voice Conversion using Headset
  • Reminder
    •  Remind yourself & others @ specified time
    •  Announcements (meeting) @ specified time
    •  Run .exe @ specified time
    •  Open Website @ specified time
    •  Logoff, Shut down, Re-start PC @ specified time

  • And much More…

Outlook Messenger special features:

  • Automatic User detection, no need to ‘Add Users’ to your chat list
  • Display User ‘Work Status’ next to every user
  • Show User Status (online, idle, busy, lunch)
  • Shows a pop-up message on the system tray when users Enter or Exit
  • Converts a local path to a network path while sending a message
  • Copy a message simply, with just a ‘Right click’
  • Play sound during login, chat, logout. The User can modify sound files.
  • Shows status as ‘idle’ if a computer is inactive
  • Refreshes the User list after a specified number of minutes
  • Removes Offline users after a specified number of days
  • Acknowledges Sealed & Offline messages when the recipient opens the message
  • Displays a Time Stamp for Chat messages
  • Displays conversations within the last hour in the IM Window
  • Sends a Clipboard message and an alert after delivery
  • New Chat Window states: (1) always on top (2) minimized (3) do-not -disturb
  • Shows new messages at the bottom right of the screen
  • Notifies when a user leaves the Chat Group


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