Winpopup Server 1.5.6

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Winpopup Server 1.5.6

Improve communication security and integrity by installing an optional Winpopup LAN Messenger component, the Winpopup Server.

The server is an optional component complementing our instant messaging solution. Winpopup LAN Messenger can work with or without a dedicated server, but several functions can not be resolved in server-less architecture.

If Winpopup Server is installed on the network, all Winpopup LAN Messenger clients will discover it automatically, and route all communications through the server. Winpopup Server supports the following functions:

  • Authorization
  • Offline message delivery
  • Communication in complex networks containing multiple subnets
  • Message log
  • Integration with Active Directory

User authorization can be enabled or disabled per administrator decision. The server fully controls user authentication process and all Winpopup LAN Messenger and OfficePopup clients by sending instructions over the network that the clients comply to.

Winpopup Server can forbid new user registration, approve or disapprove any changes to their personal information such as user or group name. An administrator, on the other hand, can edit users’ personal information at any time.

Winpopup Server delivers messages sent to users who are currently off-line. Messages are stored on the server PC, and delivered at the very moment the target user appears on the network.

If your company has a complex, multi-segment network, or if some of your employees work from home or even from abroad, Winpopup Server is the only way to provide secure communications with these employees. By allowing out-of-LAN, Terminal Server or VPN clients, Winpopup Server provides the same level of security as if they were sitting in the same room.

Winpopup Server installs and runs on any server operating system, including Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, 2003, and XP. Winpopup Server runs completely in background as a system service, requiring no user intervention. As a true server, Winpopup Server does not require an administrator session in order to operate.

Winpopup Server provides remote access interface via TCP/IP. An administrator can connect to Winpopup Server remotely from any computer on the local network, or even from the Internet, should the need arise.




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