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ReClock DirectShow Filter

The purpose of ReClock is to definitely get rid of jerky playback of AVI and
MPEG material on a PC (or a HTPC driving a TV, a flat panel, or a video-projector).
It’s a DirectShow filter which is loaded in place of the default directsound
audio renderer.

It provides a new reference clock that is locked to the video card hardware
clock, in order to ensure that frames are played at the exact speed of what
is expected by the video card vertical sync.

It also provides a frame rate adaptator for media files that do not match a
multiple of the video card refresh rate (ex: playback of 23,976fps IVTC NTSC
on a PAL TV).

combination of the two will give you the true experience of smooth playback
with your PC.

Finally it is an audio renderer with hardware or software rate adaptation in
real-time, multi-channel audio, audio timestretching (pal speedup compensation)
and dynamic range compression capabilities.

For a full description of ReClock, please read carefully the README file in
the distribution. There is also a little FAQ at the bottom of the page that
answers common questions.

What's New

  • New: Added support for PowerDVD 10
  • Fix: Option "Play media with bitstream audio at original speed" didn't work as expected
  • Change: This option is renamed to "Disable media speed correction with bitstream audio (recommended)"
  • Change: Default settings of some options


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