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Visualizer 1.9.1

If you find your production work can be slow and difficult, imprecise or arbitrary. Problems are difficult to track down and mixing can become a strange balance of guesswork and intuition, then you need some better tools. Visualizer’s intuitively flexible and customizable level meter tool brings you all the professional standard options you need to maximize your recording, mixing and mastering.

Visualizer brings you complete spectral analysis with full range Spectrum Analysis, Stereo Spectrum Analysis and Spectrograms, including snapshot storage and static/dynamic overlays allowing you to rapidly compare and contrast different sections of audio. Mid/Side analysis and time averaging views are also available bringing a mature feature set capable of the most comprehensive of audio fingerprinting and frequency analysis tasks.

Classic Spectrogram and Stereo Spectrogram analysis used by professionals the world over where time domain assessments (eg. multi-band compression) are paramount. The Spectrogram shows a horizontal frequency distribution by color depth with a vertical historical dimension generated by scrolling the view.

Visualizer provides both traditional rotated x/y oscilloscope representation and the more intuitive polar interpretation and stereo meter. 


  • Resizeable Interface
  • Intelligent window optimization
  • Optimized control selection
  • Frequency zoom and scroll
  • dB Zoom and scroll
  • Peak hold control
  • Colour selection
  • FFT window selection
  • RMS window adjustment
  • A/B snapshots
  • Optimized resource use

Its Intelligent Window System allows the selection of multiple view combinations, resizing and aligning windows to maximize legibility and cross referencing information across screens. There is no need to switch plugin for a different combination, and presets (user configurable) allow instant switching between setups and interface size enabling unparalleled work flow enhancements and intuitive operation.



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