AdigitalBook 4.6

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AdigitalBook 4.6

Adigital Book is a Digital Album Creation software for amateur photographers developed on a recent technology – FLEX. This technology allows the software to be developed with features unequalled by any other software in the marketplace.

This software, aimed at amateurs, is notable for its usability, simplicity and speed. We believe that when an amateur photographer wants to make a digital album he wants to do it quickly, and capitalizing on the user’s window of expression is essential to preventing the loss of sales and clients.Rapid downloads due to the software’s low “weight” and automatic page layouts allow the user to view the end product in only a few minutes, in the form of a digital preview of the album.

Different formats, various types of cover page, page numbers, photographic paper and offset digital printing are all possible.

Once the album has been created, using the manual or automatic page layout function, it is sent via internet to the firm’s server or it can be burned in encrypted form onto a CD by the client. This file can only be opened in the respective firm’s system.

Software Features:

  • Online and Desktop version
  • Manual Page Layout
  • Automatic Page Layout
  • Different formats available (Álbuns, Photo Calendars)
  • Photographic paper printing
  • Offset Digital printing
  • Thousands of Cliparts
  • Text
  • Effects (sepia, black and white, auto levels, mosaic etc…)
  • Frames
  • Various types of borders
  • Various types of theme-categorized templates
  • Creation of templates and their storage in the software
  • Backgrounds (image, vectors, gradients, solid colors, image overlay with background colors)
  • Overlay
  • Shading
  • Zoom, Full Screen
  • Viewing cover pages
  • Activating adjustment grid
  • Image framing
  • Image adjustment, rotation
  • Viewing image quality according to size
  • Workspace adjustable to monitor resolution
  • Windows, Mac
  • Tool bar
  • Menu displayed on right click of mouse
  • Sorting of layers
  • online / desktop version


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