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HelpSmith 3.2.1

HelpSmith is an innovative help authoring tool allowing you to create CHM HTML Help files, Web Help, and Printed Manuals from the same source help project. The stand-alone and very easy-to-use environment includes a powerful Unicode word-processor with a live spell checker, advanced approach to working with graphical and video files, automatic correction system, and many other useful tools.

You can use HelpSmith to supply technical documentation for your software in multiple help formats including context-sensitive HTML Help files, a standard help format in Windows. HelpSmith supports all the features of HTML Help, allowing you to create the tree-type table of contents, keyword index, edit and create custom help windows, and so on.


  • Create professional help files, Web Help (with collapsible TOC and Search), Printed Manuals, and PDF documents from the same source.
  • Write help topics using the powerful WYSIWYG word processor with dynamic styles.
  • Easily customize help topics by using Templates and Variables.
  • Import your existing help projects from compiled HTML Help (.CHM) files, or from Microsoft® HTML Help Workshop (.HHP) format.
  • Import help topics from Microsoft Word documents (.RTF), .HTML files, or ANSI/Unicode text files.
  • Insert and manage graphical images in your help files effectively as never before.
  • Check spelling as you type just like in Microsoft Word due to the in-built spell checker feature.
  • Write help topics in multiple languages due to the complete UNICODE support.
  • Forget about broken links when you rename anything. HelpSmith will automatically correct all the modified references for you.
  • Intuitive and very easy-to-use interface. Write professional help files with NO need to learn anything.


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