MotionStudio 4.1

Wisdom Software Inc.
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MotionStudio 4.1

MotionStudio 4 is an easy-to-use, all-in-one multimedia authoring software, that combines image, sound, interactivity and animation for you to create stand-alone, royalty-free, executable files. It is an ideal solution for creating your slide shows, interactive and animated stories, educational materials or just "pictures to EXE" for your auto-run CD-ROM. It’s compatible with Windows Vista.

With MotionStudio 4, you can create scalable, vector-based drawing objects as well as adding photos and pictures. With an array of  time-saving productivity tools, adding interactive actions and animation is easy.


  • Easy to use, create exactly what you want royalty-free, stand-alone interactive EXE: MotionStudio combines drawing, painting and animation in one easy-to-use program to save your time and get your job done with a minimum cost.
  • High productivity, time saving animation features: MotionStudio offers 64 built-in object animation combinations, and a freehand animation to draw any animation path. With 48 built-in visual effects, including fade and dissolve, it’s just a few clicks, your animation is done. You can create your own library of objects and reuse them in any other MotionStudio file just drag & drop. Background is a new layer to be used to appear in all frames.
  • High quality: All drawing objects can be translucent, and all images can have true transparency or adjustable opacity to blend in. Text quality is also improved and as well the enhanced image editor provides many image processing features.
  • Affordable: At $39.95 US, MotionStudio offers high price-performance value compared to other comparable products in the industry.


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