RoboAuthor 2009.26.260

Visual Vision
3.9 MB
Operating System
Windows All

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Get the more productive visual HTMLHelp (.CHM), JavaHelp and WinHelp (.HLP) creator software available on the market for just USD $99 (electronic edition, regular price $150).

Creating a software manual with RoboAuthor is really a snap! Not just a
compiler but a quick, powerful all-in-one environment for creating
stunning Help files! It doesn’t require any external editor, it is
visual, easy to learn and to use. 

Main benefits
– HTML Help with one click (requires Microsoft HTML Help workshop installed);  
– both .CHM, .HLP (old WinHelp format), JavaHelp and Website with a single tool; 
– Delphi, C++ MFC, Borland C++ Builder, Visual Basic, Visual C, Java,
even Microsoft Access, Visual Objects, Clarion, APL, Visual FoxPro… –
you can show a single help topic from within any programming language; 
– one manual, one source file; 
– easy Table of Contents; easy keyword list; topics (pages) easy to add and to link 
– frames, text styles, hot spots, popup windows, mouse over sensitive
images, sounds, video, visual linking (no broken links, ever!): all
without coding! 
– optimized also for large works (with the quick link feature you can
manage 1000 pages with ease: no file names to remember, everything
visual and damn fast); 
– want to make the same change to every page of your manual? No
problem, there is the global search and replace, or you can use headers
and footers; 
– CHM or HLP file is free for distribution, i.e. no royalties; 
– easy to learn and easy to start; (and we are always here for fast support, please ask us any questions!); 
– HTML export compatible with any browser 
– small and smart, does run on MSWindows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP,
2003, Vista, 7; (fast: even an old Pentium I 100Mhz with 16MB RAM and
Win95 is fine);


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