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Sothink Java Decompiler

Sothink Java Decompiler analyzes the Java class files and generates the
equivalent and compliable Java source codes. The full function trial
version is available now.Sothink Java Decompiler 1.1 is a patch to
Mocha, the well known Java decompiler.

What’s the different between Sothink Java Decompiler and Mocha

  • Mocha
    can’t generate code from any Java class file which been processed by
    Crema, another well known products written by Mocha’s writer, because
    of the "bomb" Crema set, but Sothink Java Decompiler can.
  • Try
    to use Crema with param -nobomb and -ill to obfuscate some class files,
    then use Mocha decompile it, you will find the result code of "illegal
    identifiers, such as class names consisting entirely of digits and
    member names containing spaces", but Sothink Java Decompiler can
    generate the legal code, add "Cla_" to class name and "Var_" to class
    member’s name.
  • Sothink Java Decompiler have two params, "-s" and "-e", which Mocha does NOT have.
  • Mocha crashes on some class files without output, but Sothink Java Decompiler doesn’t.
  • A few class files cause Mocha failure in flow analyzing, Sothink Java Decompiler can process some of them correctly.

How to Install

Step 1: Choose a directory or create a new directory as the Install Directory, for example "JavaTools".
Step 2: Choose a Zip/Unzip tool, for example WinZip for win95/NT, and unzip "" to the Install Directory.
3: Unzip "" to any directory you like, for example "temp",
you should get two files from it, "readme.txt" and "". Then
unzip "" to the Install Directory. Note: you should unzip the
file "" to Install Directory, NOT "".
4: Change to command mode, for example DOS box in Win95/NT, and change
current directory to the Install Directory. You should find two
subdirectories in it, which are "Jasmine" and "mocha".
5: Use the command: "java jasmine.Install" to install SourceTec Java
Decompiler. This operation will transfer Mocha classes to Sothink Java Decompiler classes and patch them.
Step 6: Add the full path name of the Install Directory to your CLASSPATH string, for instance:
SET CLASSPATH=c:myclasses;c:JavaTools;
OK, now, you could use Sothink Java Decompiler. The old version of Mocha is also could be used.


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