Pismo File Mount Audit Package Build 154

Pismo Technic Inc
1.5 MB
Operating System
Windows Server Windows Vista Windows Xp
Compression Tools

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Pismo File Mount Audit Package

Pismo File Mount is a Windows system extension that enables application controlled virtual and user mode file systems. Using Pismo File Mount, applications can expose all kinds of program and user data through the Windows file system interface. Supported file formats can be mounted as folders in the file system. The companion Pismo File Mount Developer Kit allows software developers to add support for new file formats and virtual file systems.

Features of Pismo File Mount Audit Package

* ZIP reader : Most zip archive files can be mounted as read-only folders to allow access to contents, including the ability to execute contained applications.

* ISO CD and DVD image reader : DVD and CD ISO image files can be mounted in place as a read-only folder. This allows direct access to contents through the file system, without first burning to media.

* Private Folders : Private folder file systems can be created and used to store sensitive data files and applications in an encrypted and compressed container file. Private folders are created using a password to generate the encryption key. Once the password is provided at mount time, the protected contents of the private folder become accessible in place through the file system.

* Explorer integration : Most functionality is available in the shell using context menus and drag-drop operations.

* Full file system support : All built-in Windows file systems and 3rd party file systems are supported. Files on local, removable, and network device, can be mounted.


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