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Siarhei Kuchuk
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Zip Solution 5.2

Software is intended for developers who release sources of their applications in an archive. It automates zipping of software source codes for contributing them to, and by setting custom filters.

Software automates creating of so called ‘update packets’: you can select folder and it will pack all modified and created files starting from specified date. It saves original folder structure.
Purpose: to create update packets for small sites (consisting from html pages and powered by hands)

Also software may be used when creating binary software zipped packages with use of ‘archive design mode’ feature:
you can bind any folder or file to any place in archive you want.

HDE stands for help desktop environment


  •  excluding files and folders with masks and creation/modification time
  •  template name for produced archive with supporting of increment, date and version autoinsertion
  •  1 template string for "internal release" and 1 template string for Release
  •  command line arguments support for encryption, version extraction
  •  freedom for modifications. If it does not suit you, you can easily improve it. Here’s a production code quality so you can easily adopt it to your needs
  •  integration with .cmd and .bat scripts, ms build, Tortoise Svn via $TORTOISE_SVN_REVISION autoreplace parameter

New in this version:

  • Changes:
    1. Context menu for project properties moved to tool bar;
    2. Help file is available via ‘?’;

  • Bugs:
    1. $Increment failed to work;
    2. Saving of last increment, recent usage, version was unavailable in previous versions;
    3. ‘Project with this name already exists’ on editing files from files;
    4. Invalid characters in project path leaded to fail of program start.


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